Delaware Air National Guard Fact Sheet

Our Federal Mission

The 166th Airlift Wing can rapidly mobilize and deploy C-130H Hercules and personnel worldwide to meet peacetime and wartime contingencies. The wing provides airdrop of troops, cargo and passengers, and also has aeromedical evacuation and civil engineer functions. The Wing’s gaining command is the Air Mobility Command, U.S. Air Force.

Our State Mission

Under command of the Governor of the State of Delaware, the 166th Airlift Wing provides trained personnel and equipment for various humanitarian missions to protect life and property and preserve peace, order and public safety, under competent orders of state authorities.

Our Wing Mission

Provide excellence in the full spectrum of tactical airlift, aeromedical evacuation, and cyber operations.


The 166th Airlift Wing operates eight permanently assigned Lockheed C-130H2 transport aircraft.

Unit Personnel

Authorized Strength: Over 1100 Airmen

New Castle Air National Guard Base

The 166th Airlift Wing, Delaware’s only ANG wing, operates from New Castle Airport, DE, located 27 miles south of Philadelphia International Airport and 42 miles north of Dover Air Force Base, Del.

Facilities and Equipment:

166th Airlift wing has eight C-130H2 Hercules tactical aircraft.
New Castle ANG Base: 80 acres at New Castle County Airport. The b
ase is home to 47 buildings, including new $23 million maintenance hanger and $3.2 million Cyber Operations Squadron.

166th AW Fire Department’s fleet of nine vehicles provides 24/7 crash/fire/rescue support to military / civilian aviation and mutual aid support to the community. Received new P-22 fire engine and P-34 Rapid Intervention Vehicle, both include H2O and foam capabilities: *Gained FEMA Region III Urban Search and Rescue qualification in 2011.
DE ANG Economic Impact (FY16)

Personnel Costs (Civilian Pay): $19.3 million
Federal Funding through State: $5.4 million
Military Pay and Allowances: $17.8 million
Operations and Maintenance: $7.8 million
Military Construction: $697 K
Total Federal Spending in DE: $51 million
Total includes Active Guard and Reserve pay. Total does not include pay for Airman mobilized into T10 federal service, military education benefit spending (i.e. GI Bill), state and other spending. Economic studies indicate that federal spending has an economic impact in a state of up to double the actual federal spending amount.
FY17 MILCON 18 Million projected.

Recent Missions and Accomplishments

142nd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron deployed 23 Airmen to five locations worldwide in (FY 15) and 13 Airmen in (FY16).
Maintenance and Operation Squadrons deployed a total of 56 Airmen in support of two USSOUTHERN COMMAND Coronet Oak) missions.
166th Airlift maintenance personnel deployed as Air Advisors, training Afghan Nationals in support of Operation Freedoms Sentinel.
Over 300 Airmen deployed in FY 2016 worldwide.
Provides weekly mission support to Vice President of the United States.
Provided mission support to President of the U.S.
Dignified Transfer alternate location for Dover AFB, Del. until Aug. 2016. Successful DT at DE ANG on 23 Dec. 2015.

Organizational Structure

The 166th Airlift Wing has four groups (operations, maintenance, mission support and medical) comprised of seven squadrons and six flights, to include a Cyber Operations Squadron.

By The Numbers (FY16)

Individual Airmen who:
Served in Iraq from 9/11 to the end of FY15: 109
Served in Afghanistan since 9/11: 895
Served overseas (other than in Iraq or Afghanistan) since 9/11: 2,959
Served overseas (other than in Iraq or Afghan.) in FY15: 108, FY16: 308

Key Personnel

Commander: Col. Carla D. Riner
Vice Commander: Col. David H. Rice
Command Chief Master Sergeant: Chief Master Sgt. Robbin D. Moore
Operations Group Commander: Col. Christopher Farmer
Maintenance Group Commander: Col. William R. Roche
Medical Group Commander: Col. Gwyn Parris-Atwell
Mission Support Group Commander: LTC Jason Brugman

(Current as of March 2019)