166th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Video

Video by Brandan Hollis
Delaware Air National Guard Fire Department Named the 2021 Fire Department of the Year
166th Airlift Wing
Sept. 9, 2022 | 2:36
Station 33, the 166th Civil Engineer Squadron's airport fire station has won the Chief Master Sergeant Ralph E. Sanborn Award [Fire Department of the Year] (Calendar Year 2021).

This annual award honors Chief Master Sergeant Ralph E. Sanborn, who dedicated his 44-year career from 1943 to 1987 to improving Air Force fire protection capabilities. It recognizes the outstanding Air Force department that achieves the highest degree of excellence in base mission support and fire protection management.

Our Station 33 firefighters have:

-Completed 850 responses to include 248 mutual aid, 70 working fires, and 11 CPR responses resulting in 4 patient resuscitations
-Restored fire prevention program, assessed 100 facilities, ultimately protecting $1.5B assets throughout NCC airport
-Enabled Operation Allies Welcome, led night operations at Village 3, protected and bolstered Quality of Life for 11,000 refugees
-Supported POTUS mission, developed motorcade decontamination path, received two tributes and ensured success of 40 missions
-Spearheaded joint training, FEMA Region 3 wings, DEARNG, trained 60 firefighters, protected DEARNG aviators and $6M UH-60. (Air National Guard Video by Senior Airman Brandan Hollis)