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  • 166th Maintenance Operations Flight: Behind the curtain work the wizards of wing operations

    (Editor’s note: This is part one in a series, The Wing Beneath Our Wing, stories of our 166th Maintenance Group Airmen. The gatekeepers of wing operations, the MOF manages every detail of aircraft maintenance, operations and training. From coordinating fuel to propulsion to parts, the MOF directs the planning, scheduling and maintenance of our
  • 166th Airlift Wing Hosts Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Event

    The 166th Airlift Wing hosted a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Event at the Hilton Double Tree in Wilmington, Del., Aug. 12, 2019. The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, a federally-mandated program, encompasses a cooperative network of military services, veteran service organizations, federal and state governmental departments and other
  • Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester Visits the 166th Airlift Wing

    Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester visited the 166th Airlift Wing Aug. 5, 2019 after completing a tour of the New Castle County Airport. The purpose of the visit was to introduce Blunt Rochester to the base, its mission sets and deployments, and to discuss legislative priorities. She was also briefed by senior leaders on the capabilities of the
  • Dover Does Right By Our Fallen Heroes

    There is a palpable sense of veneration upon first entering the lobby of the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations center, here at Dover Air Force Base. The gracefully bowed and lofty glass ceiling, the heavenly lighting, the tile and marble accents speak to the solemnity of the mission. The memorial wall – its central feature – punctuates the
  • Ten things you need to know when getting an official Air Force photo

    The time has come. You’ve been selected for Airman, NCO or SNCO of the Quarter, or you’re about to apply for your dream special duty. All you have to do yet is get your official Air Force photo taken. Should be simple, right?Well, kind of.There are 10 things your 166 AW/PA photo studio would like you to know before you take your official photo:1.
  • 166th Airlift Wing Airman receives Master Blaster of the Year Award

    Master Sgt. Aaron Weber, 166th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal technician has been awarded the 2018 Master Blaster of the Year award for his service to the Delaware Air National Guard and nation. Weber explained that he was excited to have been chosen from sixteen unit flights throughout the guard.“After being nominated for the
  • C-130's Re-Amping Up

    Delaware C-130's are ready to Re-AMP.The Mission, Manpower, and the C-130H Modernization of the Delaware Air National Guard has been at the forefront of Wing leadership.The Del. ANG is in need of crucial upgrades that needs to be done if it is going to stay relevant in flying global missions after 2020.Delaware ANG leadership recently received the
  • Wing assists in dignified transfer

    Pouring rain and winds didn't prevent Delaware Air National Airmen from performing their duties to assist in a dignified transfer of U.S. servicemembers on December 23, 2015.Delaware ANG Airmen received notification a few hours ahead of time that a C-17 carrying six fallen Airmen and one contractor would arrive later that day. The Airmen were
  • Becoming a C-130 Hercules flight engineer or loadmaster in the Delaware Air National Guard

    This article explores the qualifications, selection process and training for the flight engineer and loadmaster, two of the four air crew positions of the C-130 Hercules aircraft flown by the Delaware Air National Guard's 166th Airlift Wing at the New Castle ANG Base, Del.Flight engineers and loadmasters are both enlisted positions and require
  • Becoming a C-130 Hercules pilot or combat systems officer in the Delaware Air National Guard

    Do you want to learn how to become an air crew member aboard the C-130 Hercules cargo transport aircraft, the "workhorse of the Air Force," to serve your state and nation?This article will explore the qualifications, selection process and training for the pilot and combat systems officer (CSO; formerly called a navigator), two of the four air crew