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  • My first 100+ days

    Greetings Airmen, It is hard to believe we just passed my first 100+ days as your Wing Command Chief! As COVID-19 challenges persist, we will continue to forge through this pandemic together, as a team. Unfortunately, we were unable to have a Change of Authority ceremony, and I believe now is a

  • Keep it simple

    few months ago, I had a meeting with Chief Horay. It was about a mentoring program that I had tried to start and it didn’t work as I had intended. One small thing Chief had said resonated with me a little louder than anything else. Essentially, it was "keep it simple". That’s one thing I constantly

  • Chief Horay hands over the reins to CMSgt Robbin Moore

     As I prepare to circle back to the active component and officially hand over the reins to CMSgt Robbin Moore, I want to reach out and offer a huge thanks to you, the airmen of the 166th Airlift Wing and all members of the Delaware National Guard. My recent National Guard experience as Wing Command

  • Welcome to our new Command Chief

     Dear Fellow Wingmen,I am honored, humbled and excited to have been selected as your next Wing Command Chief. Though many of you I know, I look forward to meeting you all as I make my visits to your sections, flights and squadrons to learn more about the true assets of the Delaware Air National

  • Be a Great Follower!

    I am a follower and I aspire to be a great follower! That is probably something that you don’t often hear from individuals in leadership roles, but it holds true for me. Nevertheless, I believe that we must maintain being followers because it characterizes how we lead.

  • Work-life juggling for leaders

    If nothing else, the past few weeks have shown us that our lives, and those of our families, can quickly be thrust into the unknown.  As military members, the coronavirus and associated COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with many opportunities to serve in a multitude of roles. How successful we are

  • Leadership soup

    My leadership philosophy is captured in the process of building a great soup. In order to build a great soup, you have to start with the right pot and a fire to heat it over. Once that selection is made, you must take the time to create an exquisite broth. Next, you must decide what you will add to

  • Don’t be the reason why

    I'll never forget my first feedback session with MSgt. Joyce Henderson who played a pivotal role in my development as an Airman. A no-nonsense Senior Non-Commissioned Officer who had her hands full with the poster child of an Airman who needed guidance and direction. While I can't remember every