My first 100+ days

  • Published
  • By CMSgt Robbin D. Moore
  • 166th Airlift Wing

Greetings Airmen,

It is hard to believe we just passed my first 100+ days as your Wing Command Chief!

As COVID-19 challenges persist, we will continue to forge through this pandemic together, as a team. Unfortunately, we were unable to have a Change of Authority ceremony, and I believe now is a great time to share my goals as I serve as your Command Chief.

Command Chief Visibility - It is important to me that you know I am always working on your behalf. I will take every opportunity to meet, greet and visit with you as you are our most valuable resource. I have launched "Chat and Chew" events to give everyone an opportunity to chat with me in a relaxed environment over lunch. I will also attend classes and training with you, so you never know where I might show up. As of the October RSD, I have visited each of our 5 Groups who I will refer to as the "FAB 5"- MDG, OG, MXG, MSG and the Wing Staff and will continue making visits to your area. As we move toward our new normal during this pandemic stay tuned for any opportunity to have your voice heard, remember, I work for YOU!

Team Building and Airmen Participation - We must operate in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. WE does not happen without YOU! It takes all of us doing our part no matter how great or small you believe that part to be, just know we are all important and essential to our mission. My ask of you is to always work towards building teams and foster an inclusive environment for all Airmen so we may continue to model "Excellence in all we do". Consider joining one of the councils/groups in the Wing as they provide opportunities for development, mentorship and unity of effort.

Force Development/Force Management - Let’s talk about two terms you hear frequently, Force Development and Force Management. Force development is the experiences, challenges, education and training opportunities that develop Airmen into leaders. Invite your supervisors to have honest feedback with you, take advantage of every opportunity to become better as Airmen, Leaders, Warriors! Force Management is all-inclusive. This is how leaders allocate resources, assess how those resources are best utilized and how we establish a mission ready force.

As Airmen, we are always responsible for readiness, training and education. With every challenge comes an experience and with every experience comes a possible opportunity. Force development helps us to always be ready, Force management helps us to be always there.

Morale - Stay resilient, do not let this pandemic keep us from communicating, spending socially distanced time together and most importantly, from being focused on our great mission. Focus on what we can do, we can "Chat and Chew", we can build momentum in our councils, we can contribute to volunteer opportunities, we can maintain our readiness and we can recognize one another for jobs well done. There is much to be accomplished, be part of the change and be part of the solution! Dignity and respect go a long way as we work to build our esprit de corps.

Stay Safe and Be Well!

Chief Moore