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Public Affairs

To request photography for on or off-base event: Complete AF Form 833, Multimedia Work Orderand submit to the Public Affairs Office no later than five duty days prior to the event. (Reference: AFI 35-109 Public Affairs Visual Information, 12 March 2010). 

Submit PA support requests to a 166 AW/PA point of contact, as far in advance as possible; requests for VI support should be submitted with a completed AF Form 833.

Advance notice provides PA the ability to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are available. Failure to coordinate in advance will reduce the likelihood that the event can receive PA support. For high-priority events that PA cannot support due to conflicts, the PA office will provide the contact information to request support from another Delaware National Guard unit.

In addition, the PA office maintains consumer-grade self-help still cameras which can be signed out at the PA office. Units are encouraged to sign out self-help cameras or use Flt./Sq. cameras to photograph unit promotion and retirement ceremonies, change of commands, and for group photos of unit members. Contact Wing Public Affairs for assistance.

When photographing minors, it is mandatory to use 
DD FORM 2830, General Talent Release. You cannot post electronically or share in a public forum photos of minors taken on- or off-base without having this approval before publication. (Reference: AFI 35-109, 12 March 2010, Public Affairs, Visual Information - 3.3. Imagery Release; 3.3.2. Children/Minors).

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