166th Airlift Wing Hosts IRR Muster

  • Published
  • By Mr. Mitch Topal
  • 166th Airlift Wing

The 166th Airlift Wing hosted a muster for more than 65 Air Force Individual Ready Reserve members here, May 18.

The muster provided opportunities for IRR Airmen to update their personnel and medical information with the Air Reserve Personnel Center and learn the latest information on available benefits.

No longer performing their Air Force jobs, these individuals are IRR members because they still have time remaining on their statutory military service obligation or they have time remaining on another contracted agreement. They remain in the IRR until the end of their obligation or if they decide to re-enlist with the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

The information gathered from musters is used to ensure surge capability of the Reserve forces in the event of a national emergency or a contingency. IRR members are still considered a mobilization asset by the Department of Defense.

“It was a highly successful total-force effort,” said Major Maureen Mulrooney, 166th AW muster organizer. “It was truly a team effort to support the ARPC and the USAF.”

During the muster, IRR members had opportunities to update their medical, employment and personal information with the Air Reserve Personnel Center. For those who did not already have an IRR identification card, the base’s customer service center was open to issue them. Possessing this ID card allows the member to access a variety of base services, including Airmen and Family Readiness programs.

Participants also received briefings about their responsibilities as IRR members and available benefits through Veterans Affairs. “Our support programs were able to connect IRR members with their benefits, entitlement, and resources earned as a result of their service,” explained Rebecca S. Price, 166th AW Airman and Family Readiness Program Manager. “Some of the information we provide today might even serve as an incentive for them to re-affiliate.”

Col. Carla Riner, the 166th AW commander, during her welcoming remarks made known that, “We have many different career fields here as options to you, and many come with fantastic benefits packages that you may qualify for.”

To answer any questions about some of those positions, Senior Master Sgt. Samuel J. Lewis and Staff Sgt. Rahim Banks, 166th AW recruiters, met with the IRR members.

“We were very happy with the outcome,” Lewis said. “One of the interested reservists was a fully qualified nurse who was interested in the flying mission.”

“There was a phenomenal turnout – much better than expected,” said Banks. “Thirteen of them expressed interest in AF job and re-training opportunities at the 166th Airlift Wing and in the Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey region.”

To learn more about the responsibilities, terms and benefits associated with the Air Force IRR, view the IRR factsheet available on through the ARPC website: https://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil/