New look, navigation for wing Facebook page by March 30

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Matwey
  • 166th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
If you are one of the few hundred people who make regular weekly visits to the 166th Airlift Wing's Facebook page, you'll notice mandatory design changes that must take effect on our 166AW Facebook page and all pages no later than March 30.

These changes include several new features, and we want to give our Facebook page visitors a heads-up several days before we implement the design change.

For starters, a cover photo will dominate the top of the page. We selected a great image of a Delaware Air Guard C-130 aircraft on a takeoff roll.

Also, a Facebook Timeline feature makes it easier to find content from months ago, or from prior years.

Page administrators will have a new "pinned post" feature to showcase priority content and keep it near the top of the page for up to a week.

Using a new "star" feature, administrators can select a post to be enlarged and displayed widescreen across a page.

Like anything different, this new look may take some getting used to. There are pros and cons to rearranging content layout. This Facebook corporate-designed format is one we will adapt to as we expand our communications into the social media frontier on

To see how these changes look on units that have implemented the change, take a look at the 136th Airlift Wing, Texas ANG, at, or the 133rd Airlift Wing, Minnesota ANG, at, or the U.S. Air Force at, or the U.S. Marines at

Some visitor metrics through February, 2012 for the eight months since the 166AW Facebook page launch in August, 2011: Over 400 page "Likes," over 1,000 post feedbacks and over 290,000 post views.

Thanks again to all our current Airmen, former and retired members, family, friends and other interested people for visiting, and for contributing to the online dialogue.