Medical Clinic news for all unit members regarding Flu Shots and Physicals

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  • By 166th Medical Group
Flu shots -- 87 percent of our members have received a flu shot (influenza immunization); however, it is a higher-HQ command directive that 100 percent of members must obtain a flu shot by February, and everyone is accountable. Shots are available only on Saturday of drill from 0800 to 1530. You can obtain a flu shot from a pharmacy or other medical provider, but you must bring your receipt showing the flu shot data to the clinic in order for this to count. If you can only obtain a flu shot on a weekday, contact the clinic beforehand to make arangements.

Physicals -- are done only on Saturday of drill from 0800 to 1530, but only flyers are to report at 0800. All others (non-flyers) are to report at 0900.