Thanksgiving Day Message from The Adjutant General

  • Published
  • By Major Gen. Frank Vavala
  • The Adjutant General, Delaware National Guard
To Our Delaware National Guard Family,

Our founding fathers, recognizing the role that the Almighty played in the establishment of our democracy, created a holiday that affords us the opportunity to pause, enjoy a day of rest, relaxation, and fellowship with family and friends, and give thanks for the many blessings that we enjoy as Americans.

For the last 10 years, Thanksgiving has taken on a whole new meaning with many in our Delaware National Family deployed in foreign lands. As we continue with our overseas contingency operations, deploying more of our units, Thanksgiving mandates that we reflect on the sacrifices our fellow service members, particularly those members of our Delaware National Guard family, are making both here at home and abroad in guaranteeing our freedom. Their selfless service leads us to appreciate and hold dearly the benefits of living and working in a free society.

So, on this special day, Jane and I want to express our appreciation to all of you in our Delaware National Guard and your families for your willingness to uphold freedom's torch as you continue to step forward, without hesitation, to defend our citizens from all enemies, and ensure the principles of peace and security that we hold so dear.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frank Vavala

Francis D. Vavala
Major General
The Adjutant General, Delaware