• Published
  • By 1st Lt. Valerie Harwood
  • 166th Airlift Wing
The Delaware Air National Guard wants everyone to be vigilant and knowledgeable about how to report suspicious activity. Your observations can be helpful in preventing a terrorist attack. But many people don't know what to look for.

These are categories of suspicious behavior:

Surveillance: Someone recording or monitoring activities. This may include the use of cameras (either still or video) on or around base.

Elicitation: People or organizations attempting to gain information about military operations, capabilities, or people. Elicitation attempts may be made by mail, fax, telephone, or in person.

Tests of security: Any attempts to measure reaction times to security breaches or to penetrate physical security barriers or procedures in order to assess strengths and weaknesses of base operations.  An example would be someone trying to gain access onto a base or facility.

Acquiring supplies: Purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons, ammunition, detonators, timers, etc...

Suspicious persons out of place: People who don't seem to belong in the workplace, neighborhood, business establishment, or anywhere else.

Dry run: Putting people into position and moving them around according to their plan without actually committing the terrorist act.

Deploying assets: People and supplies getting into position to commit the act. This is a person's last chance to alert authorities before the terrorist act occurs.

When you are out in a public place be aware of your surroundings and don't discuss or reveal any personnel or military information during a conversation.

If you see or hear any suspicious activity off base call your local authorities. If you see or hear any suspicious activity around or on base call the 166th Security Forces Crimestoppers phone at 302-323-3441, operated 24 hours a day.

Remember you can make a difference in the safety of yourself and others by recognizing and reporting any suspicious activity listed above to local and/or base authorities.