Airman & Family Readiness Program evolves to better serve Delaware Air Guard

  • Published
  • By Kristi Walters, Wing Integrator
In the past 13 years Family Programs within the Air National Guard has expanded and transformed to meet the needs of service members, their families, and wing and state leadership.

The Airmen and Family Readiness Program Manager has gone from a resource and referral program to a one-deep, one-stop-shop for all things family programs, and is ultimately responsible for the following:

· Relocation Assistance
· Non-Medical Individual and Family Counseling
· Personal and Family Life Education
· Personal Financial Management Services
· Information and Referrals
· Deployment Assistance
· Spouse Education and Career Opportunities
· Exceptional Family Member Services
· Transition Assistance Program
· Volunteer Programs

In an effort to support the wings, the Air Wing Integrator (formally Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist) role was expanded to include several programs allowing for logistical and administrative support. These programs include the Transition Assistance Program, Strong Bonds, and resilience programs.

But Yellow Ribbon Reintegration events still remain the number one priority.  Air Wing Integrator roles may include coordinating functions within these programs to include organizing events, gathering data, requesting funding, making appointments, training dates and tracking and monitoring attendance. 

The Airman & Family Readiness Program Manager for the Delaware ANG is 1st Lt. Lauren Mease and the Air Wing Integrator is Kristi Walters.

For additional information contact: 1st Lt. Mease at 323-3327 or, or Ms. Walters at 530-3596 or