Delaware Air National Guard Career News for May 2014

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Matwey
May career news for Airmen of the Delaware Air National Guard covering enlistments, promotions and retirements. These personnel actions are effective May, 2014, as reported by the 166th Force Support Squadron.


Berth, Michael, Senior Airman, 166 CES
Cox, Rebekah, Senior Airman, DE ANG HQ
Dieffenbach, Scott, Capt., 166 AW
Kotsis, George, Airman 1st Class, 142 AES
Mack, Earl, Airman 1st Class, 166 MXS
Michaels, John, Staff Sgt., 166 AW
Ranalli, Jordan, Senior Airman 166 OSS
Roberts, Shaunelle, Staff Sgt., 166 MDG
Rosario, Luzi, Tech. Sgt., 166 MSG


To Colonel:
Kirwan, Michelle, 142 AES

To Lieutenant Colonel:
Russell, Scott, 142 AES
To Captain:
Malcolm, James, 142 AS
To 1st Lieutenant:
Collins, Daniel, 166 OSS
Gault, Sarah, 142 AS
To Master Sergeant:
Kline, Amy, 166 MSG
Rosan, Christopher, 166 LRS

To Technical Sergeant:
Grandpre, Larry, 166 MXS
Hunsiker, Shirley, 166 MSG
Johnston, Kevin, 142 AES
Perry, Matthew, 166 MXS
Zeno, Anthony, 166 CES
To Staff Sergeant:
Brown, William, 166 MXS
Carter, Ronald, 166 CMPT/FMF
Rivera, Omar, 166 LRS
To Airman:
Townsend, Tkeyah, 166 LRS


Hammonds, Tyrone, Staff Sgt., 166 OSS
Hornbeck, Judson, Staff Sgt., 166 CES
Krescanko, Michael, Staff Sgt., 166 MXS
Lesher, Stephan, Chief Master Sgt., 166 MXG
Steele, Gerald, Master Sgt., 142 AS