Commander's Corner- August 2016

  • Published
  • By Colonel Christopher Kilcullen

As we continue to fight the war on terror and secure our borders from external threats, the Delaware Air National Guard will continue to be prepared to accomplish any mission, anywhere in the world.One way we can continue stay prepared and deploy at a moment’s notice is to give it our all every day we put the uniform on. We are fortunate to work with skilled and committed individuals and it’s our duty to support each other and develop a team that our country so desperately needs.

Today, more than ever, we need young men & woman with a desire to lead, follow and commit themselves to a life of service in our armed forces. As we depend more and more on technology to defend our country, the overall number of military members will most likely continue to decrease. With military membership continually decreasing, sometimes dramatically,since World War I, trained professional personnel are still the key element to accomplish our mission at the exceptional levels that set us apart from the rest. This requires all members of the Delaware Air National Guard to make the commitment to retain talent and develop it where it is needed. We also have to be committed to continually identifying and attracting professional, service oriented individuals from our local area to continue to grow our force.

Since taking command of critical missions like Network Warfare, Aeromedical Evacuation and the worldwide Tactical Airlift mission from Col. Robert Culcasi in June of this year, I look forward to the challenges of leading this diverse collection of excellent airmen with several Air Force mission sets. As the new commander of the 166th Operations Group I have no doubt about our current and future success.