Commander's Corner- June 2016

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Shaune Peters

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to give back to the Airmen that serve our mission?

Do you want to make a big difference in an Airman’s life?

Do you want the next generation to be the best generation of Airmen to serve our great country?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of these questions, then you should apply to be a First Sergeant! The announcement is out now!

In serving as a First Sergeant myself for four years, I can tell you... It was one of the BEST positions I have ever had the privilege of serving in. I had the direct responsibility of developing change, impact, and making a difference. I wanted to serve selflessly and be that voice to advocate for change.

What is a First Sergeant?

According to Air Force Instruction 36- 2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, a First Sergeant is a special, senior non-commissioned officer position. A First Sergeant is one who is there to provide a dedicated focal point for all readiness, health, morale, welfare and quality-of-life issues within his or her organization.

What does that mean? Well, to me it simply means that you have been given the distinct privilege, and entrusted with the duty and responsibility of taking care of all Airmen and their families.

As a senior NCO, you are required to follow general and specific guidance per AFI 36-2618; but as a First Sergeant, you focus specifically on the people who execute the mission.

A First Sergeant does all he or she can to ensure that each Airmen under their charge has an equal opportunity to be the best they can be for their country, family, and selves. Please take a look at the First Sergeant Creed. Here is part of it:

“Everyone is My Business”- That’s what we strive for, each and every single day. There are very few enlisted personnel in our Air Force with more authority, more responsibility and a downright busier day than a First Sergeant.

“My job is people”- You need to be able to dedicate your time and energy to their needs: their health, morale, discipline and welfare. You only grow in strength by strengthening your people! The First Sergeant keeps the balance between ensuring the mission is accomplished;mission success; doing right by your people; and people success.

The First Sergeant is there to help the Airmen of the unit with their personal or professional matters, no matter what time of day or night it is. It’s that simple!

I am very fortunate to have been able to serve as a First Sergeant during my career. I full heartedly believe that the position was and still is the most essential, necessary, foundational brick that led to the effectiveness of all other positions I have held since then.

To me the First Sergeant position is not a job, or special duty, but a way of life that must be accomplished with 100 % passion and commitment. Why? Because we owe it to everyone who has worn the uniform before us, those who still wear it proudly today, and those who are willing to make the ultimate
sacrifice to serve in the future!