April Commentary- by Delaware Air National Guard Recruiting and Retention Manager

  • Published
  • By Master Sergeant Samuel Lewis

"Every Airman is a Recruiter"

Do you remember your experience when you first talked to a recruiter about joining the Delaware Air National Guard?  How did you discover us? Was the process what you expected? Did your recruiter give you exceptional service?

We are glad you stuck with us and made the commitment to join! What you may not have realized through your experience is all the additional behind the scenes work and people that make an accession come together. Unit members often visit our office and ask "how can we help?" The answer is simply to share your story with others and be the best Airman at your job that you can be. Our team relies heavily on the support of other units in the organization.  We could not be successful without the support of many Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) that are the experts at a particular role in the accessions process. By the time a new member has returned from technical school as an apprentice their case file has touched no less than eight offices.

In addition to the accession process, the Wing has played a tremendous role in hosting outside organizations for base tours, conducting AFSC demonstrations, and attending public awareness events that free up our recruiters to focus on our core tasks to process applicants and attend lead-generating events.  Did you know that our Delaware Army National Guard partners have over 25 personnel assigned to their Recruiting and Retention Command and we have just 6? We simply do not have the same manpower so your support is vital! Even something as simple as driving applicants to a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS) is a tremendous help to us. If you are interested in helping the team, please reach out to your Group Operational Full Strength representative, we appreciate the support more than you know!"