Message from SARC

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  • By Captain Valerie Camarillo

I am the new full time Sexual Assault and Response Coordinator (SARC) for the 166th Airlift Wing. This is a new full time position and I look forward to building this program and collaborating with all agencies on base. My past experience includes 15 years as an enlisted member and over 20 years of time in service and I have held certifications as a command and control technician, loadmaster, airfield management, communications specialist, and public affairs. Prior to accepting the SARC position I was the 166th AW public affairs officer for four years. I have ten years of experience as a technology and business, finance and marketing teacher where I received training from the state of Delaware in recognizing and reporting sexual, verbal and elderly abuse, and self-harm. I am credentialed nationally in assisting sexual assault survivors for service members.

My goal is to promote and educate Airmen about the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program. Along with the 166th leadership team and Delaware National Guard state SAPR office we have reviewed the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) SAPR survey and care about your concerns. Some items that were identified were spreading information effectively about the SAPR program, explaining the differences about restricted and unrestricted reporting procedures and knowing you have leadership support on reporting without retaliation.  The SAPR office will be rectifying these keys items and appreciates your feedback that was given. The DEOCS SAPR survey also identified most Airmen would not let barriers stop them from preventing a sexual assault and they have the knowledge in assisting others in a bad situation. This tells me our Green Dot program has been successful in educating the base population on preventative measures on sexual assaults. In return I want to thank our Green Dot Implementers for their hard work and their supervisors for allowing them to do this additional duty.

Currently the SAPR office is in building 2600 but will be moving to a new location in the near future and will be announced in a following letter. The 166th AW currently has five credentialed victim advocates (VA), Chena Williams, Betsy Valentin, Margaret Umfress Durn, Kristen Bieniek, and Stacie Muludiang who assist myself with cases and SAPR events. Being a VA is an additional duty and I want to personally thank my VA’s for their time and dedication to the SAPR program.

April was SAPR awareness month which in turn had a great turn out of Soldiers, Airman, Seamen, family and local community members that participated in many of the events held throughout the state of Delaware. To view these events go to the 166th AW website at or our Facebook page at

The 166th AW SAPR office is committed in assisting survivors of sexual assaults and educating our Airmen on the prevention and reporting procedures of sexual assaults. The DNG state and wing SAPR offices want to foster a culture of dignity and respect across the Delaware National Guard. The Green Dot program assists in force-wide prevention techniques, practices, and strategies to highlight signs of victimization, stop misconduct, and act to prevent future crimes. Preventing sexual assault requires a personal commitment from every Service member. From new recruits to senior leaders, everyone plays a key role in opposing this crime.

If you would like to receive SAPR education material or would just like to talk to someone in the 166th AW SAPR office call 302-323-3504 or the 24/7 166AW SAPR line at 302-250-1802 or send an e-mail to  You can also contact the DoD SAFE HELPLINE at 877- 995-5247 or go to

I look forward to a productive year and please feel free to call me anytime on the 24/7 SAPR line.

Thank you,

Valerie Camarillo