Message from Yellow Ribbon Coordinator

  • Published
  • By Jovy Juanillo

I am the new 166th Airlift Wing Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Coordinator.  My primary responsibility is to work with the wing leadership and partner with other unit programs to put together great Yellow Ribbon events with awesome training, outstanding presenters, subject matter experts and fabulous activities that apply to you and your family members. Commanders and leaders also play a critical role in ensuring the attendance of service members and their families at YRRP events and the goal is to have 100% participation. 

The YRRP is a legislatively mandated program that encompasses a cooperative network of military services, veteran service organizations, federal and state governmental departments and other agencies which provide information, resources, referral and proactive outreach throughout the deployment cycle. The ultimate goal of the YRRP is to prepare service members and their families for deployment, sustain families during deployment and reintegrate service members with their families, communities and employers after deployment.   

The 166th AW YRRP mission is to act in accordance with with the National YRRP mission to continually assist, collaborate and partner with federal and state agencies to provide service members and their families with relevant informational events, resources, activities, referrals and to extend community outreach throughout all phases of the deployment cycle.   

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the 166th Airlift Wing’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, please contact Mr. Jovy Juanillo at, or at (302) 323-3562.