Delaware National Guard Ready for Hurricane Irene Response - Aug. 26, 2011

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The Delaware National Guard is ready to assist the citizens of Delaware in response to Hurricane Irene.

The Delaware National Guard is working with the Delaware Emergency Management Agency and will provide a task force of 500 Guardsmen upon request of the governor for state active duty beginning immediately.

Up to 1,000 additional Delaware Guard members are available to meet any additional requests for troops to be placed on state active duty.

About 140 vehicles have been identified and are positioned and prepared, to include about 80 Humvees (Highly-Mobile-Multi-Wheeled-Vehicles) and 60 LMTVs (Light-Medium Tactical Vehicles) which are large vehicles capable of carrying numerous passengers. These 140 vehicles can be used to ford water from two to four feet deep, and help evacuate citizens. Additionally, wreckers are ready for use to help remove stranded vehicles. The Delaware Army National Guard has filled and tested its potable water tankers.

About 21,000 sandbags are available if needed to help prevent flooding.

The Delaware Air Guard has evacuated six of their seven C-130 transport aircraft to Ohio, and stored one currently non-operational aircraft secured in a hanger. This action was done to protect aircraft against damage from high winds, and to position the aircraft for missions if needed within Delaware upon request of the governor, or missions in other Eastern states.

The Delaware Army National Guard has evacuated four of its five UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters to Pennsylvania, with one non-operational helicopter secured in a hangar.

The Delaware National Guard works in coordination with the Delaware Emergency Management Agency to assist local and state agencies in protecting the citizens and property of the First State. The Guard is typically tasked with providing transportation support, especially for dialysis patients; fire and Emergency Medical Service support; and law enforcement support. The Guard can also provide assistance in debris removal and providing potable water when requested by DEMA.

Members of the 142nd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron and the 166th Medical Group in the Delaware Air National Guard have notified selected medical personnel in case they are needed to assist in the evacuation of citizens in Delaware or if called upon by governors of other states if they request help via a state-to-state Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

Contact Staff Sgt. James Pernol, Public Affairs NCO, (302) 233-6718, or
Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Matwey, Public Affairs Specialist, (302) 593-2126, or
Lt. Col. Len Gratteri at (302) 540-0134.

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