Delaware Air National Guard's 166th Airlift Wing successfully completes three Air Force and Air National Guard inspections

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The 166th Airlift Wing of the Delaware Air National Guard has successfully completed three important and mandatory evaluations of the wing and unit Airmen in the last few weeks, building on the success of three wing evaluations completed from 2006 to 2009, all part of a five-year inspection cycle.

November 4-9 the wing completed an Air National Guard Logistics Compliance Assessment Program (LCAP) evaluation, earning a rating of Excellent. December 3-5 the wing completed an Air Force Inspection Agency Health Services Inspection (HSI), earning a rating of Outstanding. December 3-8 the wing completed a Headquarters Air Mobility Command Inspector General Compliance Inspection (CI), earning a rating of Satisfactory.

Unit Airmen prepared for these inspections for two years. Inspectors grade units on a five-tier rating system, starting at the lowest rated grade of Unsatisfactory, followed by Marginal, Satisfactory, Excellent, and then Outstanding.

"We demonstrated to higher headquarters of the Air Force and the Air National Guard that we have the proper training, skills and work processes to perform our missions in a sustained and capable manner," said 166th Airlift Wing Commander Col. Jonathan H. Groff. "Our entire force of over 1,000 full- and part-time professionals pulled together to achieve these solid ratings. These results demonstrate that we meet or exceed all Air Force and Air National Guard evaluation standards as we continue both our peacetime obligations and our wartime combat missions.

"Our maintenance and logistics personnel are the backbone of our aircraft flying operations, and they shined in the LCAP, achieving an overall wing grade of Excellent. Our aeromedical evacuation specialists provide the best care in the air for America's wounded heroes and for citizens affected by natural disasters, and in their HSI they achieved a grade of Outstanding, the highest grade possible. And we are very proud of the fact that the wing received an overall grade of Satisfactory on the Compliance Inspection, one of the toughest inspections in the Air Force," said Col. Groff.

Twenty major graded areas were evaluated in the HQ AMC/IG Compliance Inspection, with four rated Excellent. Two Air Force Special Interest Items were inspected with both graded Satisfactory (Special Interest Items were graded as either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory). In addition, four IG coins, 13 individual awards and four team awards were presented to unit Airmen and work sections.

The IG report for the Compliance Inspection indicated that the 166th Airlift Wing "Is ready, capable, and very motivated to accomplish their mission." It stated, "All personnel were courteous, professional, had very positive attitudes, and were receptive to inspector feedback throughout the inspection." The IG Team also took note of the good order and cleanliness of the facility, stating that "Base appearance on this shared civil-military-use airfield was noteworthy."

IG Team Chief Col. Adam J. McMillan, from Headquarters, Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, Illinois, said at the Dec. 8 IG Team Out-Brief to assembled unit members that he would proudly go into combat any day with members of this wing.

Major Gen. Francis D. Vavala, The Adjutant General, Delaware National Guard, said, "I continue to be impressed with the professionalism and exemplary performance of our Air National Guard personnel. To earn such ratings in such stringent inspections is nothing short of phenomenal. It certainly reflects the hard work, dedication, and competence, of the entire wing."

Brigadier Gen. J. Wayne Merritt, Assistant Adjutant General for Air, Delaware National Guard, in a communication to wing Airmen, said, "You continue to perform in an outstanding manner during the sustained periods of high optempo and high battle rhythm that the Air National Guard and Air Force continue to experience. I take note of your high levels of integrity, service and excellence that stand behind your accomplishments while training, preparing for inspections, and while performing your vital real-world missions. The success in the recently completed inspections and assessments all point to a strong, capable and vibrant organization."

The 166th Airlift Wing remains busy with real-world missions. The unit has over two-dozen Airmen in Southwest Asia today, coming home later starting this month around the holidays after six months of duty in the combat zone. 2011 will be a busy year with hundreds of wing Airmen deploying to Afghanistan aboard numerous C-130 aircraft starting in early spring.

Summary of the five-year cycle 2006-2010 of six inspections, assessments and evaluations:

1. June 2006: HQ AMC Aircrew Standardization and Evaluation Visit, 166th Operations Group. Result: rating of EXCELLENT.

2. March-April 2009: HQ AMC/IG Operational Readiness Inspection, 166th Airlift Wing. Grade: Result: rating of EXCELLENT.

3. October 2009: ANG Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program, 166th Airlift Wing. Result: PASSED (pass/fail assessment).

4. November 2010: ANG Logistics Compliance Assessment Program, 166th Maintenance Group and 166th Logistics Readiness Squadron. Result: Overall wing grade of EXCELLENT (166th MXG grade of OUTSTANDING; 166th LRS grade of EXCELLENT).

5. December 2010: Air Force Inspection Agency Health Services Inspection, 142nd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. Result: Grade of OUTSTANDING.

6. December 2010: HQ AMC/IG Compliance Inspection, 166th Airlift Wing. Result: Grade of SATISFACTORY.

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