28 Airmen depart this week for two-and-a-half weeks of training in Texas then 6 months combat security duty in Southwest Asia

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Delaware Air National Guard
Headquarters, 166th Airlift Wing
2600 Spruance Drive
New Castle, DE 19720-1615 

News media will have a limited opportunity to interview troops Thursday morning Oct. 4 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Call Sgt. Matwey to arrange.

Hometowns of deploying Airmen (details below): 
DELAWARE: 18 people. PENNSYLVANIA: 4 people. MARYLAND: 3 people. 
NEW JERSEY: 1 person. VIRGINIA: 1 person. ILLINOIS: 1 person.

There are 26 male and 2 female security force Airmen deploying.

Contact: Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Matwey
Public Affairs Specialist, 166th Airlift Wing
Cell 302-593-2126, or office 302-323-3369
E-mail: Benjamin.Matwey@denewc.ang.af.mil
Release No. 2007-10-001
Oct. 3, 2007


NEW CASTLE, Delaware -- Twenty-eight members of the Delaware Air National Guard's 166th Security Forces Squadron depart Delaware this week for two-and-a-half weeks of training at Ft. Bliss, Texas, then travel overseas to Southwest Asia as part of the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing on the Arabian Gulf.

This is the largest and longest deployment of security forces Airmen overseas in unit history, including deployments to other combat zones.

A main body of 26 Airmen departs Friday Oct. 5 for Ft. Bliss, and an advance team of two Airmen departed earlier this week.

The 28 Airmen will operate as part of the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. The squadron's overall mission is to provide and maintain continuous combat security for all Coalition Forces assigned and transient to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing.

The 379th Air Expeditionary Wing is one of the largest, most diverse expeditionary wings in the Air Force, providing combat airpower and support for the Global War on Terrorism in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and through support of the Joint Task Force Horn of Africa.

While at Ft. Bliss, the troops will participate in live fire and qualification training at the Dora Ana range and base complex 20 miles northwest of Ft. Bliss, one of three ranges at the Ft. Bliss U.S. Army facility.

Lt. Col. Donald Quinn, 166th Security Forces Commander, Delaware Air National Guard, said, "The 30 troops are well-prepared for this deployment, and the additional two weeks of training at Ft. Bliss will give them combat security and force protection skills geared for the overseas desert environment they will operate in during their mission to Southwest Asia."

166th Airlift Wing Commander Col. Jonathan Groff said, "The Delaware Air National Guard is again sending a group of well-trained Airmen overseas for an extended combat zone deployment to Southwest Asia. This means a separation from families and loved ones, and many Airmen will also be taking a leave from their civilian jobs. Our unit will do all we can to communicate with and help support the Airmen and their families before the Airmen leave, while they serve overseas, and when they return."

A 2002 deployment of 13 Delaware Air National Guard Security Forces Airmen to Tajikistan in Southwest Asia lasted three months, with the Airmen returning home just before Thanksgiving. Tajikistan is a country bordering Afghanistan to the north. The Airmen supported Operation Enduring Freedom.

About 75 security forces Airmen work in the 166th Security Forces Squadron, part of the nearly 1,100 member Delaware Air National Guard based at New Castle.

Hometowns (state and city) of the 28 security forces Airmen deploying:

DELAWARE: 18 people; Newark (5), New Castle (4), Wilmington (3), Bear (2), Newport (1), Yorklyn (1), Middletown (1), Odessa (1).

PENNSYLVANIA: 4 people; Nottingham (1), Cochranville (1), Philadelphia (1), Rosemont (1).

MARYLAND: 3 people; Rising Sun (1), North East (1), Galena (1)

NEW JERSEY: 1 person; Egg Harbor (1).

VIRGINIA: 1 person; Virginia Beach (1).

ILLINOIS: 1 person; Scott AFB (1).

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