Delaware Air National Guard Airmen participating in Exercise Sabre Junction in Europe

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About 40 Airmen from the 166th Airlift Wing, Delaware Air National Guard will depart from the New Castle ANG Base aboard two C-130H aircraft Aug. 30 in support of Exercise Saber Junction 2014.

The exercise is a large-scale, joint, multinational annual military exercise, involving hundreds of aircraft and vehicles and more than 5,800 personnel from 16 different nations including the U.S. which will make it one of the most complex training exercises conducted in Europe.

Exercise Saber Junction 2014 is a part of USEUCOM's Joint Training and Exercise Program designed to enhance joint combined interoperability with allied and partner nations. Saber Junction is the primary venue with which U.S. Army Europe conducts training on Decisive Action. The training prepares U.S. and multinational soldiers for decisive and sustainable land operations through the continuous, simultaneous offense, defense, stability, or defense support of civil authorities appropriate to the mission and the environment.

Using C-130 and C-17 aircraft, the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard will support Saber Junction 14 by providing personnel air drop and air landings in support of airfield seizure, and reinforcing the U.S. commitment to the peace and security of Europe and to NATO Article V for mutual defense.

By participating in Saber Junction 14, we are contributing to a safe and stable future for the region while our Airmen gain important training and reinforce the U.S. commitment to maintaining a persistent presence in Europe.

The U.S. Air National Guard will be providing 10 C-130s for personnel airdrops from the 123rd Airlift Wing (Kentucky), 139th Airlift Wing (Missouri), 143rd Airlift Wing (Rhode Island), 146th Airlift Wing (California), 166th Airlift Wing (Delaware), and 182nd Airlift Wing (Illinois).

The Delaware Air National Guard was founded in 1946, and has grown to nearly 1,200 members. The mission of the 166th Airlift Wing is to provide tactical airlift and airdrop of troops, cargo and passengers using C-130 aircraft, plus aeromedical evacuation, civil engineer and network warfare functions. Our ready, relevant, and reliable Airmen are highly trained and motivated to aid the state and nation.

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Note: This release is corrected from the original version emailed to local news media to reflect 16 different nations are participating in Exercise Sabre Junction 2014.