Newark teenager to be sworn in Tuesday as first new enlistee at Delaware Air National Guard Career Center and Recruiting Office in Newark

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A first for the Delaware Air National Guard Career Center and Recruiting Office in Newark, Delaware occurs on Tuesday July 22 when the first recruit will be sworn in during a 2:30 p.m. ceremony.

The facility is located at 250 South Main St., Suite 108, Newark, Del. (Rittenhouse Station). The center's grand opening was just over three months ago on April 4, 2014.

Local elected officials have been invited to the swearing in. Delaware National Guard leadership and members of the Delaware Air Guard recruiting team will also attend.

The new enlistee being sworn in is Bryson Baese. He and his family have deep roots in the greater Newark community, and his family has a strong military tradition.

Baese, age 19, was born and raised in Newark, and graduated from the Delaware Military Academy in 2013.

He attends Wilmington University (New Castle, Delaware campus) as a criminal justice major and currently works at a local restaurant in the greater Newark area. Once he obtains his bachelor's degree he plans to apply for positions in local law enforcement.

Baese played soccer with the Hockessin Soccer Club from 1998 to 2000 and also played t-ball with the Newark Nationals from 2001-2002. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing rugby.

He has over 100 community service hours with various organizations throughout the Newark area.

He will be enlisting into the 166th Security Forces Squadron, Delaware Air National Guard.

Baese's grandfather is a U.S. Navy and Korean War Veteran, and other family members have served in the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Marines.

DIRECTIONS: Turn onto Veterans Lane from South Main St. (the same road used to access the City of Newark Municipal Building), and turn left into the parking lot behind Rittenhouse Station. A pedestrian entrance to the Air Guard suite is adjacent to the parking lot. Rittenhouse Station has half-a-dozen tenants to include an Armed Forces Recruiting Center in the middle, and two restaurants (The Green Turtle and Jake's Wayback Burgers) at each end. Ample free parking is available.

The Delaware Air National Guard has over 1,100 members, and continually deploys personnel and subordinate units around the globe. The Delaware ANG recruits year-round; people from age 17 to 39 may enlist in the unit.

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