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  • Medical Clinic news for all unit members regarding Flu Shots and Physicals

    Flu shots -- 87 percent of our members have received a flu shot (influenza immunization); however, it is a higher-HQ command directive that 100 percent of members must obtain a flu shot by February, and everyone is accountable. Shots are available only on Saturday of drill from 0800 to 1530. You can obtain a flu shot from a pharmacy or other
  • Proven ways to avoid the fatal four -- because safety never takes a holiday

    Do you know the "Fatal Four?" They are: Fatigue -- Speed -- Seatbelts -- Alcohol.Our Holiday Safety Campaign begins with you, your immediate family, and fellow co-workers in your work center. However, safety never takes a holiday. Here are proven ways to avoid the Fatal Four:Holiday Driving: Holidays mean traffic jams -- Expect them and leave a
  • Zero tolerance for drug use ensures military readiness of Delaware Air National Guard Airmen

    There is zero toleration for drug use in the DoD, the Air Force, the National Guard, the Air National Guard, the Delaware Air National Guard or the 166th Airlift Wing.Airmen can lose their jobs if they test positive for an illegal substance. The Delaware Air National Guard conducts a random drug-testing program using urinalysis-testing administered
  • Holiday Meal menu and more for December 3-4 Unit Training Assembly

    The holidays are upon us!  And time once again for the culinary impresarios of the 166th Sustainment Services Flight to bring comfort food into our UTA dining experience. The only remaining question is who will be wearing a red hat and helping to dish out the portions behind the serving line?Menus for the December 3-4, 2001 UTA:Saturday Dec. 3
  • Kick off Monday Night Football by cooking for families at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware

    Help the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware during MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL on December 5th! The San Diego Chargers are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars! For Monday Night Football we -- volunteers from the Del. National Guard -- like to bring foods from the competing team's cities, but I'm not really sure about either city this time. If you know a meal
  • Bidens host holiday dinner for wounded warriors

    Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, hosted an early Thanksgiving feast for wounded warriors and their families in their home at the U.S. Naval Observatory here Nov. 21. With turkeys and trimmings steaming on the tables, the Bidens kept their remarks short, but both expressed their appreciation for service members' sacrifices. The
  • Thanksgiving Day Message from The Adjutant General

    To Our Delaware National Guard Family,Our founding fathers, recognizing the role that the Almighty played in the establishment of our democracy, created a holiday that affords us the opportunity to pause, enjoy a day of rest, relaxation, and fellowship with family and friends, and give thanks for the many blessings that we enjoy as Americans.For
  • Delaware Governor Markell visits troops in Afghanistan

    Meeting a Delawarean recovering from war wounds at a military hospital in Maryland, getting a tour of several expansive military facilities in Southwest Asia, seeing massive human trauma in a military hospital in Afghanistan and meeting uniformed Delawareans and Delaware National Guard members serving in combat zones has filled the week for
  • Information Domination by Delaware's Cyber Corps

    "Informatio Dominatus" is the motto behind the mission of the 166th Network Warfare Squadron.In Latin, dominatus can mean: rule, mastery, or domination. Informatio means: concept, idea. Read the story titled "Information Domination in Delaware" on page four of the November/December 2011 issue of National Guard Today to learn more about our newest
  • On November 9 at 2:00 PM EST, please remember: don't stress; it's only a test...

    The first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will take place this Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The system, designed to broadcast messages concurrently to the entire nation, will air a test message on all radio and TV stations. Now remember, this is a test; be sure to tell your coworkers, friends and family they do not have to take